Digitize your Co-Worker with 123D Catch and ZBrush

Every now and then you look over at your co-worker and think, “MAN I wish I had a photo-realistic digital capture of you.” Lucky for us, we’re quite comfortable with the technology to make that happen quickly.

Andy Krapsho was our model of choice for this particular project, and the process was identical to the one used with our digital cadavers (minus dissecting Andy, of course). Adam Pellerite used 123D Catch to capture the form, while Alexey Kashpersky used ZBrush to re-topologize and sculpt, transforming the model from auto-generated nasty triangles to smooth quad geometry worthy of the subject.
1. Photo reference of Andy  2. Model created from 123D Catch  3. Re-topologized geometry
4. Final sculpted model post ZBrush  5.  Photo realistic rendering of final textured model

Actually, while working on this project, Alexey had not yet met Andy in-person. Now that they see each other every day, Alexey feels that he could create a more convincing likeness.  Andy, on the other hand, is pretty happy with his digital pecs.  To see more work we have done with 123D Catch, check out a previous blog post on Digitized heart prosection.

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