Wonka Bars and Anatomical Unicorns: Radius at the AMI

Going to the Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference for the first time as Radius Digital Science, we wanted to provide our fellow medical illustrators with a snapshot of life at the studio. As bronze sponsors, we provided bags for the conference attendees, but we also wanted to unleash our inner unicorns. Or rather, the unicorns we had innerly been designing.

We love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; the book, and both the Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp movies. (Side note: if you have a preference between the two movies, please leave it as a comment). So we decided to design some chocolate bars, and include golden tickets for a lucky few. What was the prize, you ask? A t-shirt celebrating the magical wonder of science – complete with an anatomical unicorn illustration!

We had a blast handing out the t-shirts to the enthusiastic winners and were delighted to receive order requests from others. Check back soon to find out how to get your own!


One thought on “Wonka Bars and Anatomical Unicorns: Radius at the AMI

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