Data Visualization: Because pictures are cooler than numbers

In medicine, the proof is in the numbers…but numbers are pretty boring to look at. So one of the most common challenges we’re faced with is making data and statistics as compelling as the science they represent. Check out the reel below to see just a few examples of visualized data in action:

Radius Digital Science Data Visualization Demo Reel

Limited Release: The ‘Science is Magic’ Collection

Being so close to NYC, it’s hard to avoid the buzz when Fashion Week is approaching. However, we know not everyone is into the latest runway couture. We figured there were more people like us who were looking for clothing that showed their passion for science. Especially those who love anatomical unicorns as much as we do.

If you follow our blog, you know that we debuted our ‘Science is Magic’ anatomical unicorn t-shirts during the Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference. Each attendee who found a Golden Ticket received a free t-shirt, but those who didn’t were quite sad.

Fortunately, we still have some t-shirts available for purchase – but it’s a limited number. If you are looking for a piece to complete your wardrobe, or the perfect gift for that special science enthusiast in your life, visit the new Radius Digital Science Store! If you can’t find a style or size that works for you, check back to our blog next week to vote for the next ‘Science is Magic’ style of shirt we release.

Wonka Bars and Anatomical Unicorns: Radius at the AMI

Going to the Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference for the first time as Radius Digital Science, we wanted to provide our fellow medical illustrators with a snapshot of life at the studio. As bronze sponsors, we provided bags for the conference attendees, but we also wanted to unleash our inner unicorns. Or rather, the unicorns we had innerly been designing.

We love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; the book, and both the Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp movies. (Side note: if you have a preference between the two movies, please leave it as a comment). So we decided to design some chocolate bars, and include golden tickets for a lucky few. What was the prize, you ask? A t-shirt celebrating the magical wonder of science – complete with an anatomical unicorn illustration!

We had a blast handing out the t-shirts to the enthusiastic winners and were delighted to receive order requests from others. Check back soon to find out how to get your own!


Green Freeny Bear gets a friend

Gummy Pair

Gummy Pair

Finally the lonely green Freeny Gummi Bear has a pal to keep him company.

Incubation Complete: Radius Digital Science website launched!

After a substantial period of incubation, a website has emerged. Click the image below to check it out, view our demo reels and learn about the team!

Radius Digital Science Website on Laptop

Radius Digital Science Completes Asset Acquisition of Thomas Direct Studios

We are pleased to announce that Radius Digital Science has recently completed the acquisition of Thomas Direct Studios’ assets. The result? A creative team that took a decade to assemble and leadership that lives and breathes scientific visualization – superpsyched to make great stuff.

Radius Digital Loves Halloween!


As you can tell from our previous posts, we jump at any opportunity to dress up quirky and show our creativity in a different way. Participants kept their costume a secret, so we had a fantastic time watching the reveal as they walked into the studio this morning.

Special thanks to Alexey Kashpersky, Radius’ Multi-media Production Artist, for his beautiful photographic contributions.

Carving up some fun at Radius Digital!

Written by Trisha Haszel Kreibich, Studio Manager


To get into the Halloween spirit, we had an after hours pumpkin carving party last week. Candy corn and laughter were shared as the creations came to life. Check out the gallery to see the fun and finished pumpkins.

Also, make sure to check back on Halloween to see the team apply their creativity to another medium in our Halloween costume contest!

I F#cking Love Science” LIVE! – What Went Down and How We Met Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Written by Trisha Haszel Kreibich, Studio Manager, and Brandon Pletsch, President

Warning: If you didn’t already gather this from the title, this article contains some offensive language…but it’s all in the name of science!

First off, if you aren’t familiar with the I Fucking Love Science Facebook page, we encourage you to check it out. In fact, go check it out right now, we’ll wait.

Whaddya, think? Pretty awesome, right? We love that this page celebrates everything science, from history and advancements to humor and the absurd. When we learned that the curator of the page, Elise Andrew, was organizing an event at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, our project manager, Dolina, scooped up as many tickets as she could for the studio. And thank goodness she did – it sold out in 5 minutes!

In order to pay tribute to this great event and show the attendees our love of science, our president, Brandon Pletsch, and Dolina collaborated on the idea to create amino acid hats, in which each hat would display a model of an amino acid and its letter abbreviation (e.g. the amino acid Isoleucine would be abbrivated to “I”) allowing us to spell out…

TD Studios Crew
The original plan was to spell out “I Fucking Love Science”, but, alas, we didn’t have enough tickets. We were happily surprised to achieve a bit of a ‘celebrity status’ at the event, with several people asking to take photos with our group. Once we got into the venue, we strategically positioned ourselves to make sure that the panel on stage could read our message. This also made for some colorful framing for photos of the panel discussion.


IFLS Event
The panel consisted of science enthusiasts that are sharing their passion for science through social media. We highly recommend that you check out their easily addictive websites:ASAPscience – ever wonder if we could actually stop an asteroid from hitting Earth or what would happen if the Earth lost oxygen for 5 seconds? Well, click away and wonder no more!

The Brain Scoop – Emily Graslie is like a kid in a candy shop giving you a tour, if that candy shop was The Field Museum in Chicago. Follow her entertaining adventures taking you behind the scenes to explore the over 24 million artifacts in the museum’s collection.

Brain Pickings – a bit more highbrow, this site is a treasure chest of ‘interestingness’ that spans a collection of science disciplines, art, history and politics.

After the panel discussion, astrophysicist rockstar and director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson made a special appearance to show a preview of the new reboot of Cosmos: A Space Odessey and answer some of the burning questions of the awestruck audience. During the after party, Neil walked over and said, “You know you all CRAZY, right?” and insisted on posing for a photo. What were we going to say? It’s Neil f*cking deGrasse Tyson.



Make sure to listen close at 35:15 to hear our group raise the roof at the mention of studio art!

To see how we developed our amino acid hats, check out the gallery below (photos compliments of Alexey Kashpersky):

Radius Digital “Doh’s” It Up for National Play-Doh Day!

Ok, some national ‘whatever’ days are lame (e.g., National Collect Rocks Day, National Look for Circles Day, etc…what?!), but we simply could not pass up National Play-Doh Day!

Check out some of the studio’s creations below: